The Final Chapter of TV5



April 18,1998 - April 14, 2001

154 Live Television show from NBC Affiliate WMC-TV 5

Thousands of Live Events throughout Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Missouri

During much of our tenure, we had a working relationship with the WWF, now the WWE. Power Pro Wrestling was one of the first developmental territories for the WWF.

During the three-year history, Power Pro featured Memphis Wrestling legends like Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Austin Idol, Handsome Jimmy Valiant, Miss Texas, The Fabulous Ones, The Fabulous Free Birds, Koko B Ware, Tommy Rich, Tommy Gilbert, Doug Gilbert, Beautiful Bobby Eaton, Jim Cornette, Sid Viscous, Downtown Bruno, Brandon Baxter, Stacy the Cat Carter, Moondog Spot, Billy Travis, Wolfie D and many more.

We had occasional appearances at live events from great Superstars like The Rock, Kane, Fabulous Free Bird Michael Hayes with one appearance by Free Bird Terry Gordy. Road Warrior Hawk, Mick Foley, Mabel, Sir Mo, Road Dog Jessie James, Double J Jeff Jarrett, Brian Christopher with appearances by his WWE partner Scotty To Hotty, the great Mae Young and many more.

We also in the developmental program, were able to showcase to the Memphis Wrestling fans, future stars, some turned WWE Hall of Fame members like Kurt Angle, Daniel Bryan, Spanky,  Victoria, Jr Smooth who was in Power Pro before he became Rikishi, Matt "Baldo" Bloom, before he became A Train and became the current Head Trainer of NXT, Shawn Stasiak and more. 

We had the pleasure of also developing local talent like Derrick King, Alan Steel, Blade, Kid Wikkid and many more. Also appearing from WWE developmental were Mean Street Posse, Steve Bradley, Viscous Vic Grimes, Erin O'Grady who later became Crash Holly, Mic Tierney and more.

Power Pro Wrestling also presented the only prime time TV Wrestling show ever presented in Memphis on TV5, July 4th of 1998, the Rumble on the River. The two most successful shows we promoted in Memphis was at the Coliseum and were the Blast Off At  The Dome and Malice In the Palace. Power Pro also had a very successful run of sell outs at the Earl Bell Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

The live shows were produced live every Saturday morning at 11am from the WMC-TV5 studios, 1960 Union in Memphis.   

The shows were produced by Power Pro Wrestling, owned by Randy Hales.   Hosted by long time Memphis television personality Dave Brown and co-hosted by Corey Maclin. 
Shows written by Randy Hales  with creative input from Brandon Baxter, Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee.